Wow! Misty S. Lost 70lbs, Won $3,000!

Misty Before After

Misty S.

Lost 70 Pounds

Won $3,000

In a 12-month HealthyWager

70 pounds! When was the last time you walked around with an extra 70lbs? The last time Misty did, it was June 2014!

Misty took out a bet on herself and her health, wagering $75 per month (for 12 months) that she could lose at least 70 pounds, and she WON!

Her incentive to succeed was both in the carrot (winning $3,000) and the stick (the prospect of losing the $900 bet), and both of these helped keep the procrastination bug at bay. Once Misty committed, she got right to it and wasted no time LOSING WEIGHT!

Her 70lb weight loss not only has Misty feeling better and being more active, but the change in cooking and eating habits as well as the visual transformation has inspired Misty’s daughter to make a change as well.  For the past few months, they’ve been working together on weight loss, and her daughter has now also lost an amazing 20 pounds! There’s no better example than Mom!

Misty’s goal is to continue to work on losing approximately another 30 pounds, and she’s inspired a small family competition to lose weight by August for a family vacation! Seems like the perfect way to stay motivated and focused on your goals!

With her $3,000 winnings, Misty said she’s definitely going shopping, and she’s planning to invest in some Fitbits to help motivate her and her daughter to stay active.

Congratulations, Misty!