Northside ISD 2015 Team Challenge Winner Announcement!

Northside Independent School District came out fighting for their $10,000 Team Weight Loss Challenge! The competition was strong for the over $27,000 in weight loss prizes! All our teams were impressive, and the top 3 teams were separated by less than 1% weight loss! So let’s get to crowning our winners:

3rd Place/$3,000 Winners – Weight Losers

Weight Losers NISD3
Percent Weight Loss: 14.69%
Total Pounds Lost: 179 pounds
The Weight Losers were headed up by NISD teacher Deena V., and the team consisted of her family and friends. When one teammate stated, “We’re going to win this,” their course was set. Deena said, “I had never been responsible for anyone else’s success before, it made the difference for me!” No doubt!

Deena says that if someone slipped up, they were always harder on themselves than the rest of the team was, so they would apologize to the team and the team would reassure them it was ok. Not the tough love approach we often here, but clearly this was a winning strategy for the Weight Losers!

The team got together three times through the challenge, for healthy meals, team photos, and a hike! They have all chosen to continue on, and 4 of the teammates are teammates once again in another Team Challenge! If it ain’t broke …. Deena says her favorite part has been the weight loss, and although she’s not at her goal weight yet, she’s looking forward to feeling more energetic and healthy!

Congrats to the Weight Losers!

2nd Place/$5,000 Winners – The Slender Contenders

Slender Contenders NISD2
Percent Weight Loss: 15%
Total Pounds Lost: 135 pounds
The Slender Contenders are three NISD teachers Jen C., Tony D. and Deborah W. and their friends. This team of friends says they’d fallen off the healthy living wagon over the Holidays, and while they were “hoping to win,” their primary focus was getting back to healthier living. Their scheduled were busy, so getting together was not an option beyond a few shared lunches, but the team kept each other on track just knowing that they needed to succeed for each other.

Confessed type-A’s, Deborah W. told us that “gold stars make us want to do better,” so the ribbon system kept them highly motivated and pushing for more. Even today the group continues to be supportive of one another even though the goal has shifted more to maintenance of their habits and weight.

Congratulations to The Slender Contenders, who are officially now more than just Contenders!

1st Place/$10,000 Winners – Un Taco Mas

Percent Weight Loss: 15.53%
Total Pounds Lost: 209 pounds

This team, comprised of all teachers and coaches from NISD was out for the win from the very start. They all needed to lose weight, but the promise of the big bucks proved to be just the motivation they need and it came at a time when they were ready to work.

This extremely competitive group (Jesus V., Albert R., Ryan S., Shannon S., and Matthew A.) were competing as much with each other as they were with the other teams, pushing themselves like they would push their own athletes to succeed. And while being competitive, they continued to support one another by working out together and knowing they were all counting on one another for success. Ryan told HealthyWage that their students and athletes knowing what they were doing was a huge motivator, knowing that they were setting a good example and walking their talk, really made it easy to stay on track.

The team has backed off a bit but is still consistent and continuing to support one another to maintain their new habits. Congratulations to our $10,000 winning team – Un Taco Mas!

When it came to individual ribbon prize winners, NISD produced an eight way tie! These prizes are awarded to the top 4 individuals achieving the most ribbons who are not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all our high achievers below, taking home $150 each!

Pamela H. from team Bet On Us
April L. from team Bet On Us
Elisa R. from team Bet On Us
Karena H. from team Bet On Us
Joel C. from team The Gut Busters
Shelly B. from team The Gut Busters
Howard V. from team Waisting Away
Thea K. from team Food Slappers

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!