Success Story: Andi R.

Andi R.

Andi RFrom Ridgefield, CT

Lost 41 pounds

Won $1765

In a 6 month  HealthyWager
Andi didn’t want to depend on anyone else to try to lose weight, and she knew herself well enough to know that having some skin in the game was going to be essential to her success, so she signed up for a 6 month HealthyWager in November of 2014.  In January of 2015, she realized her weight was higher than when she started, and that she was not only going to lose her bet, but also lose $600 if she didn’t turn it around!

That lit the fire, and Andi says she started walking and seeing a Registered Dietitian (RD). The rest is history, and Andi lost 41 pounds in the last 4 months of her HealthyWager! Andi started by walking and moving more, and working with her RD to learn to better understand nutrition, read food labels and make smarter choices. She did eliminate some items that she knows in the long run she’ll need to learn to enjoy in moderation, but she’s aware of her path and working towards it. Already able to come off cholesterol medication that she’s been on for over 10 years, and walking around with the blood pressure of a teenager, Andi still plans to lose about another 30-35 pounds, one small goal at a time.

Congrats Andi!