Get Lean in 2015 Team Challenge Winner Announcement

The Get Lean in 2015 Challenge was a community-based team weight loss challenge taking place in Savannah, GA. Sponsored by Memorial Health, the idea was to engage weight loss at the community level, offering fitness classes, education and special discounts to everyone who participated.

We’re pleased to announce the top 3 teams from the Get Lean in 2015 challenge! We gave away $18,000 in cash prizes to the following teams!

3rd Place – $3,000 Winners

Team: Thinned Mariachi
Total Weight Loss: 166 pounds
Team Average Percent Weight Loss: 14.86%

Thinned Mariachi Before and AfterThis team was headed by Arely R, an employee at Memorial Health. She had read about the challenge when it was first announced, and brushed it off thinking there was some kind of “catch,” when it came to getting paid to lose weight!

A few weeks later, her and her family were discussing how they all felt they needed to lose weight, and Arely remembered the challenge. She shared with her family and THAT was the motivation they felt they all needed to make a change!

Arely says they all made a pledge that this would not be just a one time thing, but a true lifestyle change, but when they started there was no denying – they set out to WIN! They joked with each other often to help keep one another on track, and since they were family, they often had their meals together. Team Thinned Mariachis are still working to stay on track with their healthy lifestyles, and captain Arely has even signed up for another challenge to help her continue with her weight loss!  Congrats to Team Thinned Mariachis!

2nd Place – $5,000 Winners

Team: The Slim-gineers
Total Weight Loss: 185 pounds
Team Average Percent Weight Loss: 15%

Before and After w stats T&HThis team from Thomas & Hutton all knew they needed to lose some weight, but without the right incentive, the motivation just wsn’t there. But their competitive nature kicked it into high gear when when the right mix of competition and incentive from the Get Lean in 2015 challenge walked right in through their office doors!

This team of coworkers worked hard together as a team, they had a plan of action if someone started slipping off track, and took it seriously to help one another moving forward. They ate lunches together several times during the week, and used that time and texting to stay in touch.

Team SLIM-Gineers participated in all of the mini-challenges with some of the most creative entries! Their team “before” photo is just one example (below, with the $5,000 winning check superimposed), but there’s no denying this team lost an amazing 185lbs and over 15% of their starting weight, when you check out their individual before and after photos! The team are still competing with one another and focusing daily on “who’s kept off the weight!” Congrats team Slim-Gineers!

Slim-gineers 2nd Place Winners

1st Place – $10,000 Winners

Team: Bon Jovi Sucks
Total Weight Loss: 192 pounds
Team Average Percent Weight Loss: 15.34%

Team Bon Jovi Sucks from Memorial Health took the honor of first place! Four resident doctors (and one husband :)) made up this super slimming team. With many 60 or even 80 hour work weeks and endless night shifts, this team did not get the opportunity to do much together, but they were still able to hold one another accountable for weight loss and found the time to achieve regardless! Incredible!

They got together when, like many others, the chance at $10,000 proved to be the right source of motivation. Their competitive nature kicked in on Day 1, and the rest is history. Even though they could not get together often, they communicated frequently through texts to keep each other updated and to keep the light hearted “trash talking” alive. No excuses for not achieving were accepted, and although they kept it light, no one wanted to be the one to let their team down. From the get go, like the others, they planned to WIN!

At least a few of the team members are still working on weight loss, and focused in on how to lose weight while making it a lifestyle, not just a short term gig. As one member put it, “I knew how to gain weight really well, but losing was something I needed to learn.”  By the looks of it, with an overall average weight loss of of just over 190 pounds, this team learned it well! Congratulations to team Bon Jovi Sucks!