Success Story: Michael W

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Lost 25 Pounds
Won $2,150
In an 11 month HealthyWager

Michael started his journey to weight loss with his long-time friend, Jacob Baxter, because they both realized that, in their late 20s, they needed to get back to their ‘fighting’ weight of their glory days in wrestling if they were to be physically and spiritually in shape to work on their Christian ministry.

They discovered HealthyWage through another friend and decided they would use this challenge as a way to educate themselves about eating healthier. To start, they cut out processed foods and shopped differently so they would reduce sugar and caffeine in their daily intake. Three months into the challenge, Jacob was an inspiration to Michael because he took on the competition wholeheartedly and really started losing weight while Michael was still struggling to stay disciplined. Then, something happened that changed the whole game for Michael – his friend, Jacob, drowned, leaving a wife, children, and a ministry. The shock of this deep loss put Michael into shock but yet it also became a wake-up call to finish what they started together and take it seriously.

Michael added cross-fit to his routine and running, enjoying the camaraderie of others who inspired him to keep going toward his goal. In working a night job and sleeping during the day, Michael began to notice differences in himself from the competition and his efforts, including sleeping better, having a clear focus about what he needed to do to make every minute of his life count, and feeling more satisfied on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

When asked what he learned during the HealthyWage competition, Michael noted “I realized that you need that support when taking on any type of challenge whether it is weight loss, the loss of a friend, or helping others form a relationship with Christ. The second thing I learned is that any failure along the way is due to a lack of preparation. It taught me to live and think healthier.”