Success Story: Tina T.

Tina T B&AAs Tina sat “scarfing” (her words!) her lunch down at her desk one afternoon last October, one of her coworkers came by and asked her if she would like to participate as part of a team in the HealthyWage Jackpot Challenge that was being offered by their employer, Johnson and Johnson.

At first Tina objected, it was just before the start of the Holiday season, and she didn’t feel she’d be focused or successful through the barrage of Holiday activities. As she continued with her lunch, she thought about it more and more, and by the time she finished her meal – she was in. She decided then that nothing was going to stop her, Holidays or otherwise!

Not only did Tina start the Jackpot Challenge that October, she jumped right in with an individual HealthyWager challenge as well – she was determined! Starting at 190 pounds, Tina was now on a mission to not only achieve success for her teammates and the Jackpot, but to drop a full 30 pounds by March!
With small changes to her diet (cutting out junk) and a modest start to exercising, she immediately started to see results. She says the team aspect was super motivating, and the support and encouragement from other people really helped her be accountable and stay on track.

Her team won their Jackpot Challenge (which ended just before Christmas), but that didn’t stop them from continuing to support one another! Tina says to this day, her team still gets together for a daily walk at work, and they continue to help one another stay on track with their weight loss.

Tina’s strategy through the holidays was just to maintain, and then come back at it hard once they passed. It worked! With a little change up in exercise (Tina added in some strength training in place of some of her regular cardio), Tina went on to win her HealthyWager in mid-March! Her reward? A 30 pound weight loss, getting her wager back, PLUS another $1200!

Speaking of her HealthyWager she notes, the team support was amazing, but continuing her journey for additional time on her own, really helped her to solidify her habits and made sure they were truly a part of her lifestyle. She’s thrilled with her weight loss, and feels she’ll have no trouble maintaining her weight with the ongoing support of her former team, and her husband at home.

Tina is truly a champ, 30 pounds down, more than $1200 in her pocket, and a new, healthy way of life! Congrats Tina!