Success Story: Cynthia H

Cynthia HCynthia H
From Wylie, TX
Won $837
Lost 42 Pounds
In a 6 month HealthyWager

Cynthia heard about HealthyWage through her employer, CVS Health, and saw that the contest would be a way to get started and do so with the support of her colleagues. Over the years, the weight had started creeping on but she was not ready to address it due to life getting in the way. However, the HealthyWage competition at work hit at just the right time.

Cynthia knew she was ready so she signed up for Weight Watchers at the same time to focus on making the necessary dietary changes and also joined her local recreation center alongside her husband as the place to exercise. She went to every weekly Weight Watchers meeting and faithfully followed her points schedule. This taught her a lot about her previous lifestyle that then helped her make some significant changes.

Once she realized how much she actually ate at work because food was around all the time and how she was grazing at home in front of the television, Cynthia stopped those behaviors. She knew that weight loss would come from putting a boundary on eating. There was the time she went to Sonic with her husband and grabbed a burger only to come home and look at up on the Weight Watchers points table to see it was 18 of her 26 daily allotted points. Before she had no idea what foods really made the difference so this helped a lot and drove her to pay more attention, including cutting back her carbs even further.

When asked if the financial aspect played a role in her motivation, Cynthia said, “If I hadn’t placed that wager on myself, I would not have gotten the same results. I just didn’t want to lose that money.” She noted that the six-month timeframe also kept her on track and also gave her the time to permanently change her lifestyle. When her birthday rolled around the same time as her final weigh-in, she opted to get her nails done instead of go out for a big meal. Cynthia also replaced her old favorite foods with new ones. For her, HealthyWage made a difference: “It put me back on track with my healthy goals, and now I never want to return to the old ways again.”