Success Story: Shana J

Shana JShana J
From Vernal, UT
Lost 50 Pounds
Won $1,764
In a 6 month HealthyWager

Shana has tried to lose weight before but always came across personal challenges that stopped her from completing her mission. Despite being active, including running, biking, and doing triathlons, she has struggled with weight for 15 years. Shana has had three kids and dealt with Type 1 Diabetes for 26 years as well as suffered from hormone imbalances and a thyroid disorder. When she would get one issue under control, another one would flare up and put her farther from that weight loss goal.

There was just that moment where she decided that this was the time to make that change and stick with it, and HealthyWage was there to help her do it. She decided to bet enough money that it would hurt if she actually lost that investment, and this was key since she did the competition over the holidays. To lose the weight, Shana used the LoseIt app and got a MyFitness tracker to guide her through all types of exercise, including running, hiking, biking, and swimming. Her diet included a clean menu of fruits and vegetables as well as healthy fats, lean proteins for lunch and dinner, and one snack per day like an apple with almond butter or natural peanut butter.

Since completing the challenge, Shana has noticed some great health benefits, including a much better blood sugar rates. Even though she has asthma, she has not had any trouble with it since losing the weight. And, best of all, she can keep up with her kids now because of having more energy. Shana also has great plans for her prize money, including some new clothes that she can enjoy wearing on a trip to San Diego with her husband that he won. In summing up her experience, Shana said, “Thank you, HealthyWage, for being there, keeping me motivated and accountable!”

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