Success Story: Davena K

Davena KDavena K
From Suffolk, VA
Lost 56.6 Pounds
Won $2321.72
In a 6 Month HealthyWager


Her participation in the HealthyWager has led to Davena losing a total of 56 pounds and winning $2,321. And, she believes that if it was not for the support of her family who helped by paying for the competition’s fees, Davena might not have achieved this goal. As she noted, if she had used her own money and then lost it, Davena would not be that upset.

However, it was the accountability of having someone else paying for it that really set her motivation in motion and kept it that way until she succeeded. Davena knew this about herself and it was something that she had struggled with before. Too often, when left on her own, she gave up quickly when it came to dieting and exercise programs that would help her lose weight. Because of the HealthyWage format and increased level of accountability she felt toward her family’s financial support, including her sister, son, and husband, Davena did not want to let them down.

This is the first diet and exercise program that she has seen through to the end, which has now helped her develop a healthier lifestyle and good habits related to better food choices and greater activity. Besides financial assistance, her family helped Davena with emotional support, providing encouragement and cheerleading throughout the weight loss journey. Even her sister who cheered her on along the way learned from Davena’s experience and ended up losing a few pounds as well thanks to the HealthyWage experience.

Now that Davena looks back on her experience, she can truly say that she has learned something about herself, about how to make and stick to good healthy lifestyle habits, and about how perseverance pays off in so many ways.