January 2nd, 2015 Winner Announcement

We are proud to announce the winners of the September 19, 2014 $10,000 Team Challenge!

First Place: The 3rd Tri-mistersThe 3rd Tri-Misters
$10,000 Winners!
215.6 Pounds Lost
16.59% Lost (maximum percentage)
Conor S.
Matt B.
Devin S.
Patrick S.
Mike P.

3rd Tri-Misters is a team that consisted of two brothers and their friends. While some live in Phoenix, the others lived in a nearby suburb, so they would meet up regularly to weigh-in together as well as use group texts to share ideas with each other and provide encouragement. The group texts also included photos where they showed each other what they were eating and how they were working out.

Their goal was to max out on the percentage that could be lost to stay in the running so they made accountability the priority. There were times when someone felt like they were weak, but knowing that they did not want to let the other team members down kept them from giving into temptation.

The focus of their strategy was cardio and healthier food choices so they could meet that max weight loss goal. The team members also enjoyed the mini challenges, which made it fun and kept them on the right track, especially when they hit a plateau or two during the middle of the HealthyWage competition.

Now that the competition is over, they feel they have come out winners as far as their weight loss, the financial reward, and new friendships that they made during the course of the competition. The challenge brought this team close together and even though they they do not have the competition to motivate them, they still keep in close daily contact for their continuing weight loss.

We got big butts and we cannot lie...Second Place: We got big butts and we cannot lie…
$5,000 Winners!
223.4 Pounds Lost
16.59% Weight Loss (maximum percentage)
Tony F.
Charlie P.
Darlene D.
Della H.
Justin H.

We Got Big Butts and We Cannot Lie heard about HealthyWage from their team captain, Tony F, who had participated in a previous competition. Originally Tony was looking for a motivational weight loss program and came across this one while searching the Internet and then hearing from another family member about his success with the program.

This team came together from family members who live all over Tennessee so they relied on texts and calls to stay up-to-date and motivate each other. Everyone liked the competitive aspect because they saw it as a way to keep going. As one team member said, “When you see yourself on top, you want to strive to stay on top and keep going.” They also got competitive with each other to maintain the pressure to deliver for the team.

Their overall strategy was to eat healthier by monitoring carbs, cutting out soda, stopping sugar and drinking more water. They also undertook an intense cardio routine to make sure they could get in shape and stay that way. They definitely believe that the teamwork aspect created camaraderie that got them through to the end and helped them get their financial reward. Of course, a little internal competition helped as well, creating a competition with a prize for the first person on the team to reach their percentage weight loss goal.

They also had support from those not on the team that encouraged them to keep going no matter what. Overall, they reached their goals and created a healthier life for themselves and their families.

In it to Lose it!Third Place: In it to lose it!
$3,000 Winners!
174.6 Pounds Lost
16.59% Weight Loss (maximum percentage)
Sarah D.
Steve D.
Becki O.
Rich O.
Tony D.

Third place team In It to Lose It consisted of family along with a close friend who were all committed to losing weight and returning to a healthier lifestyle. Some of the members had already done a HealthyWage team challenge before and knew that it works and could help them meet their goals. This time though, the monetary incentive was less of a focus while hitting the weight loss percentage target took center stage.

The teamwork aspect also took on greater importance to the team members who did not want to let each other down. While the diet and exercise strategy was similar to the first time, all the efforts became more intensive at eating out less and exercising more. Because some of the team members lived farther away, group texts became the primary way they stayed in contact and motivated each other to remain on track. They also decided to create manageable goals for the team so that the amount they needed to lose did not seem so overwhelming. This constant contact also helped them through the holidays, which is a tempting time to cheat.

Although some have more weight to lose now that the competition is over, they are all pleased with what they were able to accomplish and they owe it to the teamwork format of the HealthyWage competition: “HealthyWage provided the framework to allow to leverage team effort to lose the weight we needed to drop. It was fun to compete and helped us stay on track. Seeing the other team results, we realized that if they could do it then so could we.”