Success Story: Chris C

Chris CChris C
From Phoenixville, PA
Lost 50 Pounds
Won $1,452
In the 6 Month HealthyWager

Chris competed in both HealthyWage team and individual categories. He heard about the competition through work and wanted to join the team after feeling like his past experience with losing weight could help the team win.

Although winning was one of the main reasons that Chris joined, as he lost the 35 pounds that was his goal, he thought it would be enough. However, because he had to work a lot of overtime, Chris was not exercising as much and was afraid he would lose the money he wagered. He looked to achieve his weight loss goal by trying various dieting systems that would help him clear his body of toxins and help reduce his weight. For the team competition, there was a great deal of excitement early on but that seemed to wane after the first month with only two members losing any significant weight, which included Chris and a team member, Dave, who was 25 years younger.

The competition proved that “you are never too old to lose weight.” Although it is more difficult, Chris realized that if he was dedicated to his weight loss plan and didn’t throw in the towel, he could do it and did achieve it. Now, he will tell you it is actually fun to buy new clothes.

When asked what HealthyWage did for him, Chris said, “HealthyWage provided me with various weight loss logistics as well as weekly weight loss challenges that kept the team and myself on track to meet our goals. There are many layers of support built into the HealthyWage competition, such as the weekly challenges, 6% weight loss, co-worker support and an ‘individual challenge” system to keep one motivated should the team lose its focus. Despite the fact that our team did not finish in the top 20, I still feel that I won a greater victory by losing the 50 pounds. I have gained a new lease on life. For that, I am thankful to the folks at HealthyWage.”