Success Story: Samantha L

Samantha LSamantha L
From Livonia, MI
Lost 54.6 Pounds
Won $1,500
In the 6 month HealthyWager
Won $11,950 Overall!


Deciding to sign up for the team and individual challenges at the same time gave Samantha a longer timeframe to meet her weight loss goals. After winning big in the team challenge, she then focused on finishing her individual challenge just as strong as she had more weight to lose and wanted to get a return on her individual investment in herself.

While the team challenge was easier because she didn’t want to let her teammates down, the individual challenge pitted her against her unhealthy self to see who would win. Samantha learned a lot during the team challenge in terms of diet and exercise that she then applied to finishing off her individual challenge, but she also realized she had to push harder to keep losing the weight. This meant moving from training for a 5K to going after a 10K. She had cleaned up her diet, but Samantha faced the challenge of traveling a lot for work. Instead of giving in, she continued to make good food choices and packed her running gear for each trip so she could find a place to run near her hotel while on the road.

During both challenges, she learned a lot about herself and learned to say no and even lose the cravings for bad food and bad habits. As she fit into clothes and realized how good she looked, Samantha was driven to keep that appearance even after the competitions ended. Also encouraging is the fact that she has served as an inspiration now for others who also are determined to lose weight. She is not done yet and is focused on now meeting her weight loss goals with all that she learned while competing in the HealthyWage challenges.