Success Story: Patricia S

Patricia SPatricia S
From De Pere, WI
Lost 26 Pounds
Won $1,154
In a six-month HealthyWager

5fdbbcdb53b7daa3e5cb173e7b8e6a06Patricia, or Tricia as she prefers to be called, began her weight loss journey when her employer Aurora Health Care participated in the May 2014 Team Challenge. Her team ‘Bunch of Losers’ went on to have great success in the $10,000 Team Challenge but wound up taking 14th place overall due to the high level of competition in the challenge. Tricia was joined with her husband and 3 fellow co-workers to stay motivated. Knowing everyone on the team helped keep them accountable and while they were successful Patricia wanted to keep the momentum going in her personal challenge.

Luckily, Tricia upped the ante by joining the HealthyWager e to keep her going after the Team Challenge was over. She knew that now, only she would control her success and kept her family and friends close by for the extra accountability. Of course, during the long 6 month journey she had some doubts that she would keep up with her weight loss goals. The thought of winning over $1,000 is what kept her going, even checking into the HealthyWage website periodically to see the prize amount and how much weight she had left to meet her goal.

Tricia did not use any fancy diet or weight loss plans. She had all of her success with old fashioned healthy eating and exercise. The first step was portion control, just decreasing the size of her portions was a great way to begin her weight loss but more was needed if she wanted to meet her goal in the HealthyWager. It took an entire lifestyle change to finally come out on top and meet her goal. She paid more attention to what she was putting into her body, when she began to seriously think about the unhealthy foods she was eating and making healthier choices is when the weight loss started to really take off. Of course, an increase in exercise and being more active came into account but Tricia attributed most of her success to the change to a healthy lifestyle.

Joining the HealthyWager and having that extra 3 months of weight loss really helped Tricia commit to her new lifestyle. If she went for a more short term challenge, she may have gone back into older, unhealthy eating habits. She now has great hopes to keep the weight off and will always have HealthyWage in mind if she wants the extra boost.