Success Story: Myles H

Myles HMyles H
From Fullerton, CA
Lost 30.2 Pounds
Won $472.90
In a Six-month HealthyWager

Myles knew he had to lose weight plus he had loved ones that were in the same boat, so, with his friends and family as well as on his own, he took on HealthyWage’s individual and team challenges. To him, the financial reward was extremely important. However, it was the additional incentive of the individual reward that really did it for him because he had more control over whether he could win it and so was within reach to make it worthwhile for him.

Myles had a diet strategy that focused on portion control and healthy eating. He cut out sweets and carbs in the evening as well as to not eat anything within two hours of bedtime. Eating breakfast every day was important as was calorie counting to ensure he kept his calorie intake below his fitness level burn rate. When it came to exercise, Myles trained for a 5K and then, after competing in two, he started training for a 10K while trying to improve his 5K running time.

Helping along the ways was Fitness Tracker to remind him to get up and walk around every few hours so his metabolism stayed at a higher rate. He admitted that it was very hard to stay motivated “when you are working your butt off and still not losing weight.” However, his team helped him to overcome these challenges by providing tips that stopped the plateaus.

For Myles, team support was huge in dealing with challenges and just having someone that understood what this took. When asked what HealthyWage did for him, Myles said, “Healthy Wage gave me that added incentive to push through the plateaus. Other weight loss programs were great until you got to a plateau but it was too hard to keep going. The timeframe of the challenge, especially the six-month individual bet, really kept me on track where other programs were long forgotten.”