Success Story Crystal T

CrystalCrystal T. 
From Robbinsdale, MN
Lost 53.1 Pounds
In a 6 Month HealthyWager
Won $1,950

Doing HealthyWage wasn’t necessarily Crystal’s idea but in the end she was glad her boyfriend convinced her to do it. At one point in her life, she was very active and exercised daily, but ended up having back and arm pain that was due to a degenerating disk in her neck. Over the course of three years, she gained 75 pounds from not exercising and ended up with severe pain.She knew she needed to lose the weight to take the pressure of her body but was struggling for an incentive until her boyfriend discovered HealthyWage.

Crystal focused on a low carb diet along with weight training and aquatic aerobics classes. For her, the financial incentive portion of the HealthyWage challenge was huge. Being frugal, it was difficult for Crystal to put $600 out there with the risk of not getting it back if she didn’t finish the competition. Once she started and lost close to 50 pounds, she started to feel and look great and that became even more important than the financial incentive. Although there were challenges with intermittent carb cravings and social events where food was tempting, Crystal overcame these by skipping out on the temptations and focusing on that $600 she put up.

In the end, she reached her goal and feel like HealthyWage’s financial incentive really helped her get there when no other ways had done so. Now, Crystal hopes that the momentum started by the HealthyWage challenge will help her to lose the rest of the weight.