October 3rd Winner Announcement

Today, we are announcing the top teams in the June 2014 Team Challenge.  We awarded a total of $18,000 in grand prizes to these three teams. HealthyWage would like to highlight some of the members of these teams in today’s winner announcement. Gayle Wittenberg of the first place team, Hunger Games, tells us in her own words, and more members of the top teams answer questions on how to win at losing!

Gayle W. from the first place team Hunger Games:

Gayle WittenbergBetween a serious bout of bronchitis and laryngitis in the second trimester of pregnancy and almost nine months as a working Mom with a mostly nocturnal infant, I went a solid year sleeping an average of three hours a night. In case anyone is wondering, this is not healthy, and it is downright dangerous. I do not recommend it.

While I always assumed I would focus on myself and get back to a healthy weight “in the future,” it was very low on the priority list while survival felt like a success.

But after actually sleeping through the night (me and the baby) for SIX DAYS IN A ROW, I regained enough mental energy to start thinking strategically about what I’ve learned about myself over the years as far as what does and does not motivate me. I made a list.

  • I’m competitive, both against myself and (though terrible to admit) others.
  • It’s easier to justify doing things for other people than for myself.
  • Explicit start and end dates are helpful to avoid “goal creep”
  • Novelty is motivating and presents a chance to prove that you can do something difficult.

Then I thought, “hey, you can pretty much find anything online these days,” and minutes later I came across HealthyWage. It was exactly what I was looking for!

My first contest started May 2013 with a team I found online through their team matching system. My team started strong and was very motivated. Most of us were on track to reach the 16.6% maximum weight loss. But when at week 5 a team member left the team, all of my teammates quit. I was adamant that I was going to finish what I started, and HealthyWage helped connect me with a team that had also lost a teammate. They were a great motivation.

Name: Alexander Krattinger

Team:  Hunger Games

How did you hear about HealthyWage?

I found out about it from my mom, who did the challenge before. She heard about it from her friend. I ended up joining with my mom on my team.

Why did you join the HealthyWage challenge?

We were bound for serious medical issues. We didn’t have any urgent issues, but with our weight at the time, it was only a matter of time before we got to a point where there would be very serious medical issues.

What was your strategy for winning your challenge?

We had done a few challenges before and won. We actually did five challenges and finished four, and won several of those so we had some experience with what works for weight loss. The two things we did right away was cut out sugar and reduce sodium. We saw immediate results from those changes.

What was your favorite way to burn calories?

I love tabata. It’s a style of training that is very high in intensity. You can do a lot in a little bit of time.

What’s your advice to new participants or those thinking about joining HealthyWage?

Just stick to it and you will succeed. I kept doing multiple challenges and look where I am now.


Name: Willie Watson

Team: Outlaws

Prize: $3,000

Slide1What was your strategy for losing weight?

I did the challenge with friends, including guys I’d sit around and play X-box with, and we figured we could use that time together to work towards something. We motivated each other to exercise and eat right. We got on conference calls and talked about our plan.

Was there a game changing thing you did that led to success?

I gave myself a cut-off time for eating. I stopped late night snacking and stopped eating every night after 7 pm. If I was hungry after 7, I had a piece of fruit instead of the meals I used to eat.

What was your favorite exercise?

I was out on the track every day. In the mornings I did a combination of walking and running for four miles and repeated it at night. I was doing about eight miles most days.

What was your proudest accomplishment?

This challenge got me back in the groove of fitness. Before doing the challenge, I had put on a lot of weight. Now, being healthy is a habit. I don’t even think about it.

What would be your advice to anyone taking on this challenge for the first time?

Be dedicated. Stick to what you’re doing and avoid temptation or cheating. Don’t get sidetracked because you have a goal set right there for you so just focus on it.