Losing Weight and Getting $600 Was “Very Easy” for College Grad, Vincent

Vincent Chiu
Lost: 20 lbs
Won: $600

“I was skeptical of a program that promised a financial reward for weight loss, but it was really easy to get confirmed with the videos and get paid.”

Vincent Chiu was a young college grad who never had a weight issue, but several months at his first full-time job left him sedentary and reaching for quick junk food. He watched the weight creep on.

As a formerly active person, Vincent knew the formula for losing weight, but he still couldn’t muster the motivation to start.

Enter HealthyWage. The financial reward offered through HealthyWager, a customized bet that kept Vincent in control, motivated him with a deadline to get moving and eating right again.

“Losing weight felt easy. The money motivator worked for me and all I did was go back to my old ways of moving more and eating right.”

Vincent encourages others to overcome skepticism they might have about HealthyWage by using his story as proof the concept works. “It was so easy to send in my verified start and end weight and be paid. I found HealthyWage through an online forum and was skeptical too, but it was all very easy.”