The Power of #BeforeAfter Photos

Start your #BeforeAfter journey today with a weight loss challenge from HealthyWage!

Conventional wisdom says a picture is worth a thousand words, and we couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to photos that represent your personal weight loss journey. #BeforeAfter photos have been used in storytelling for years because they show in such a powerful way, and much more fundamentally than words can express, how far along someone has come.

We watch thousands of people lose weight each year, and we’re always touched by the photos they send before and after a challenge ends. From those who won giant checks of up to $10,000, to others who got off blood pressure medication or went running with their children for the first time in years, we get amazing snapshots into the universal struggle for weight management and lifelong health.

Check out our best tips for great #BeforeAfter photos and see our gallery of favorites:

  The Before Shot –Introduce Yourself and Your Struggle: The before photo not only shows us how you look, but also how you feel at the beginning of your weight loss efforts. Are you tired, depressed, or excited to start something new? Show us with your face and posture.  Maybe you know some of the reasons behind why you’ve struggled with weight; perhaps it’s a sedentary lifestyle or a penchant for greasy food. Incorporate these elements of your story into the before photo.

Before Photos

2)    The After Shot — Show Your Triumph: Show off your new look, and let your posture and background fill in the details of the story. Some of our favorite after shots are of people engaged in activities like walking, running, or riding an elephant on vacation—things they only dreamt of doing before losing the weight. The after picture is the idea of health you had for yourself, perhaps tucked away in the recesses of your mind, that is now a reality to be shared and celebrated.

After photo

3) Lights and Angles: Choose good lighting to eliminate shadows and provide a clear image. Try taking photos from different angles: standing straight, sitting and shots from the side. Give yourself options, options, options! Get great before shots and match those options with after pictures. Being able to compare side-by-side how far you’ve come is a great motivator.

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