Four Ways to to Pick a Killer Team Name

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From funny to downright clever, we’ve seen some great team names. Whether you’re serious about weight loss or prefer to play with a light heart, pick a name to unite your team.The Breakfast Chub

What’s in Name?

Team names introduce you onto the battlefield, declaring to the rest of the challengers that you’re united and ready for competition. Picking your name is a great way to get to know all team members, take into account everyone’s individual personalities, and find a way to unite as one group with a common goal. We’ve seen many teams band together under a family surname, by a favorite movie, or a bold color. Whichever route you choose, we hope your team name will serve as a foundation to build morale and keep everyone motivated.

Here are some of our favorite approaches to picking a killer team name:

1) The Great American Pun:  Seen anything good lately? Fight Chub, anyone? How about the hilarious Lean Girls? Pick a classic or something from recent memory and see what kind of spin you can put on it.

2) The Smarty Pants: We’ve never seen so many fancy words for fat—adipose, lipid, gargantuan? What’s better than getting smart about weight loss? Getting rhyme-ey with it. How about Adios, Adipose? Now that rolls right off the tongue.

3) Ode to the Greats: Whoever you admire, find a way to ride on their coattails.

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4) Numbers Game: Pounds lost and dollars gained? It’s all a numbers game, so throw a few digits into your name. Some of our favorites include Fat and Furious 5 and 50 Ways to Leave Your Blubber

More Team Name Favorites!The American Fat-iators

House of Carbs

The Breakfast Chub

The Thin-Credibles

American Fatiators

The Walking Over(fed)

Extreme Makeover: Booty Edition

It’s a Good Day to Die Lard

Hunger Games/ Hunger Dames

WTF – Watch that FatFight Chub

No Weigh, Jose

Shake Rattle, No More Rolls

Butt Weight, There’s Less!

Wishful Shrinking

Good Genes are Hard to Find

The Gladiweighters