Success Story: Takeia B

Takeia Before and AftTakeia heard about HealthyWage from a co-worker who had seen it on a television program. After doing some extensive researching about HealthyWage and their challenges for a month, she decided it would be a motivational way to lose the weight that she had gained while working in a stressful job.

Not wanting to end up with the health problems that run in her family and disappointed that her clothes were not fitting as well, Takeia signed up and began to work on getting to her goal weight. She first focused on exercising by using her treadmill five times per week. Over time, this progressed to six times per week and other types of exercise, including weight training, trampoline, and even exercise classes. When she hit a plateau in her weight loss after returning from a trip to Europe, she knew she had to change things up by not looking at the scale every day and adding things like interval training to her regimen. She used an app called ‘LoseIt’ to track calories.

Since she was just cooking for herself, Takeia decided that she needed to create a meal plan to help plan her meals and snacks just as she had done for her exercise program. This helped keep her on track and motivated to get past things like Donut Thursdays at work and even got her to create mini challenges for herself like going thirty days without sweets. She still enjoyed a slice a pizza or two over the course of a month so as to not deprive herself but now had a better idea of how to create a healthy diet.

Helping her through was the goal of not losing the money she had paid to join the HealthyWage challenge and to surround herself with motivational things and people. In responding to what HealthyWage has done for her, Takeia said, “HealthyWage gave me the motivation to start planning my diet and exercise programs to really lose the weight this time. This provided a way to make these new choices a habit and routine to help me maintain it without having to rely on another challenge.”