May 16th Team Challenge UGI Winner Announcement

We are proud to announce the winners of the January 31st, 2014 $10,000 Team Challenge for UGI & Amerigas.

First Place – $3,000 Winners: You’ll Be Seeing Less of Us

Team You’ll Be Seeing Less of Us was a competitive group who all worked for UGI in the same department. They had already worked with each other for nearly three years and had shared goals of losing weight. Although weight can be a sensitive topic, the bond created between already close team members made it much easier to address. While they enjoyed each other’s company, they definitely wanted to see less of each other in terms of their waistlines.

The team members were highly supportive of each other’s efforts along the way, looking at the competition’s numbers and pushing each other to meet the goals they set as well as helping each other with meal plans and group workouts at the gym. With another team on-site, there were a lot of competitive strategies in the works to beat the other team in order to win the bragging rights at the end of the competition. All the team members really stayed on top of their exercise each day as well as focused on healthy snacks and meals. Everyone stayed accountable because no one wanted to the weak link on the team.

No one ever felt like quitting, but there were times where the team took a few weekends off from a stringent diet as a reward along the way plus they had a plan in place to make up for it over the coming weeks. This helped create a balance for them and kept them going to the finish line and the reward that await. Now, two team members are still at their goals and in the midst of HealthyWage individual competitions while the other team members are enjoying their new, healthier lifestyles. 

Second Place – $1,000 Winners: Purchasing Pound Crushers

Team Purchasing Pound Crushers were all in the same department and decided that their existing work relationship plus some of their past experiences with teamwork, including college football, could help them all lose weight and maybe win some money in the process. Their company supported their efforts by introducing them to HealthyWage as well as helping to offset the entry fees.

Working in a purchasing department, they thought their name should represent their responsibilities as well as their commitment to crush those extra pounds and the investment they were making in doing so. Through their own individual diet and exercise strategies since the age range on the team was quite varied, but they also spent a lot of time together at work, including helping each other with eating healthier lunches. They used this time together to push each other through motivation and encouragement to just keep it going.

While the financial incentive was a great perk, this team was more about getting their health back and having summer-ready bodies again. Plus, some still were carrying around some of that football girth they no longer needed. To them, HealthyWage was the program that they needed to stay motivated. Many had tried diet and exercise programs in the past only to see them fail, but this program gave them the team atmosphere, positive peer pressure, and need to be accountable to each other, which all helped them reach their goals despite the day-to-day stress of life and work that always previously got in their way.

Third Place – $600 Winners: Victoria McQuiston’s Fantastic Team