Success Story: Trish F

Trish knew the science behind behavioral economics—how financial incentives can modify human behavior. She Trish Freemanresearched it for her role as a teacher at The University of Kentucky and, in doing so, found HealthyWage. At the time, she was not interested in modifying her own behavior. That was until she reached her 49th birthday and had a realization about where she was in her life.

At that time, Trish decided to lose 100 pounds before her 50th birthday and looked to HealthyWage to help her do so. She not only signed up for the 10% competition, but she also got a team together at work. Together, she felt these competitions would help keep her accountable and on track for the weight loss goal. Putting her scientific mind to work, Trish devised a schedule of daily calories and exercise that would give her a realistic weekly weight loss plan. She joined a gym and had the support of her team mates to help her create an exercise regimen that now includes cardio five times a week and strength training two to three times a week. The team met once a week to encourage each other and stay motivated.

The HealthyWage competitions created an awareness in Trish that helped her more conscious of the choices she was making when it came to food and fitness. Just this alone helped her change her sedentary lifestyle into something that was healthier and more active. Recently, she signed up with another team from work to keep the results going as she is on target with her weight loss goals and wants to continue using HealthyWage’s format and accountability system to reach that goal. She believes that this type of financial incentive for behavior modification definitely works for those individuals who are ready mentally for a change and need that extra push to get started.