Success Story: Jonathan S.

Jonathan signed up for a local weight loss contest in January 2013 and one of his competitors in that contest asked Jonathan S before and aft bloghim to join the HealthyWage Team contest. That was the first time he ever heard of Healthy Wage and signed up as a way to increase his motivation to lose weight.

In doing multiple contests with different end dates, his incentive and determination would only be greater. Jonathan’s strategy started with juicing led him to drop 21 pounds in 8 1/2 days. The initial 18 to 20 pounds were lost solely due to juicing! The next 14.2 pounds were lost with a combination of juicing and doing at-home workouts. Once the juicing was done, he continued to maintain his overall health by combining juicing, healthy shakes, moderate food intake and cardio. Johnathan was encouraged by friends and family as well as motivated by the desire to enjoy playing with the kids and having the energy to do so.

Despite the encouragement, he still knew that no one could do the workouts, eat healthy, or make the changes that needed to be made for him. It was up to him. Helping was a blog and journal that kept him focused and added to his motivation. Of course, the financial incentive was huge too, especially on those days where he wanted to quit and give into temptations.

In recommending HealthyWage to others, he would tell someone who is thinking about the BMI challenge that it can help motivate them to make a real change in their overall health. Completing it takes dedication and focus, but to him, the results after winning can be life changing.