Success Story: Catherine

Catherine discovered HealthyWage while working in her home office one morning when a television Catherine W before and aftprogram featured them in a story. While she wasn’t initially listening, the point about a financial incentive got her attention and she went to research the company after this piqued her interest. Previously, she had been able to lose weight on her own, but It all crept back on and she didn’t like the size she had become, so hearing about HealthyWage came at the right time for her weight loss goals.

To keep it interesting and ensure success, Catherine tried many weight loss strategies, but the biggest thing she did consistently was to cut back on sugar and moderately on other starches. She also ate smaller meals and enjoyed juicing. Catherine also joined the YMCA and used their FitLinxx program for resistance training in the mornings 2-3 a week in the morning and then later in the day she would walk, bike, or use the treadmill 3-4 times a week. While she decided to keep it quiet about what she was doing, soon people started noticing the weight change and the compliments helped to keep her motivated. Not only did Catherine meet her overall weight loss goal, but she also gained a new level of energy and a healthier lifestyle.

Along the way, she felt the financial incentive really kept her going. She noted she had a visual of wadding up three $100 bills and throwing them in the trash if she chose to slack off or considered giving up. She also didn’t want to let herself down and knew she would be embarrassed to face the people who knew she had done HealthyWage. It was the financial incentive that also helped her get through the holiday season without losing sight of what she wanted to accomplish.

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    Wow! You look amazing! Great job!

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