Success Story: Derek L

Derek heard about HealthyWage on a website where a couple had competed and won quite a Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.57.22 PMbit of money through many competitions so he thought this would be a great way to lose the weight that he had gained since marriage, kids, and a desk job. Being in his mid 40s, Derek knew it was time to lose weight because he was not healthy. His strategy was simple and effective: no fad diets, just careful calorie counting, no sweets, and plenty of exercise.

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Derek went big by joining all of the competitions that HealthyWage had, including the team, 10%, and BMI challenges. His support system started with the team competition where he lost considerable weight. Although his team did not win, they did come in 12th out of over 200 teams. That was a great incentive for Derek to keepgoing. There were those times that a juicy burger and fries or piece of cake was tempting, but he knew that denying himself those were only short term once he lost all his weight, was active, and healthy again. And, the more he stuck to his diet and exercise regimen during the competition, the faster he could lose the weight and be able to enjoy some other foods in the near future. Then, he could enjoy those as treats once in awhile.

The financial incentive was also huge as it motivated him at the beginning to sign-up as well as to keep going to meet his goals and enjoy the prize. For Derek, participating in the HealthyWage competitions really paid off in more ways than one!

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    Congratulations! Great job!!

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