Success Story: Lyndell K.

Lyndell was frustrated that she was not losing weight and was facing pre-menopausal issues that put her Lyndell before and afterat a weight she was not happy with and knew was not healthy for her. After moving and working on a new military base, she discovered their Change Your Life program and learned about HealthyWage. Combined with the personal trainers, fitness challenge, and boot camps on the base, she knew the incentive of not losing her financial investment in the HealthyWage competition and potentially winning money would keep her on track. To stay focused on losing the weight, she increased her cardio, reduced red meat, and added more water, vegetables, and fruits to her diet. This plan worked until she hit a plateau where the weight loss stopped.

Thanks to inspirational personal trainers on the base, she fought through the plateau, adding trampoline work in her backyard and yoga with her son as well as additional dietary changes. Since other people were doing the base fitness program, she had a large support network where they would meet weekly to talk about their progress. It felt good for Lyndell to be around others who had the same goals and determination to regain a healthy lifestyle.

Now, at 49, she feels great and is serving as a great model for her son in terms of how to be active and eat right. While the financial reward was definitely an incentive, it was neck and neck with her desire to be healthy. In the end, she got both and it feels great!

“HealthyWage was like the extra adrenaline to accomplish what I was trying to do. It enriched my motivation for what I was already working on and helped me reach those goals.”