Getting Back on the Horse After a Long Break

Getting-gack-on-the-horseLike so many people around the country, I’ve slacked on my diet and exercise for the last few months. Actually, to be completely honest, I’ve slacked off for the last SIX months! My excuses for not working out and eating properly have ranged from stress to lack of time to just not being motivated. Whatever the reason, they are all just plain excuses. If you are satisfied with how you look and how you feel without eating well or exercising, then that is fine. However, if you are like most people and like myself, you are NOT satisfied and need to find ways to make the workouts and diets happen on a more frequent, if not daily, basis.

How do you find the motivation? Here are a couple of tips that I will be trying and suggest you find similar ways to keep motivated and inspired:

Inspiration Boards

inspiration boardI know they sound a little cheesy and we certainly have talked bout them before in other posts, but they are a great way of visualizing goals and desires. Seeing people that have already accomplished your goals and seeing items that you want in life can be just the motivation you need to start working out again. Make the board plainly visible and place it somewhere you sure to not miss every single day. Perhaps put it in a place you will see the moment you wake up or maybe in your office at work. Let us know if the comment section what you decide to put on YOUR board!


Not having enough time becomes the easiest excuse to make when it comes to diet and exercise. Yes, it’s no surprise, eating well and exercising takes WORK and takes TIME. But did you know that getting fat and eating unhealthy strangely enough, takes WORK and takes TIME? It’s all about perspective and making, not finding, the time to exercise and make healthy eating choices. Plan your day around eating well and going to the gym, not the other way around. Also, having your workouts at the same time everyday will make them more likely happen than randomly try to plan them differently on a daily basis. Make a schedule, stick to the schedule, execute and repeat!

Workout Buddy

Accountability is the biggest issue when it comes to diet and exercise. Having a workout buddy or a diet buddy to help keep you on track is important. This can be someone that is also trying to lose weight or just someone you trust to keep you on track. It can be a close friend, a co-worker, a family member; anyone that you trust will hold you accountable to a schedule and a diet. It’s also someone that you can count on to be strict with you, to tell you the truth when you need it and not let you “occasionally” slip up. I’m choosing my best friend to help me stay on track. Who are you going to choose?

ultimate-1Workouts in Disguise

Joining groups that focus around physical activities can be an easy and fun way to burn calories without seeming like the traditional “workout” many of us dread. Whether it’s ultimate Frisbee, flag football or even bowling, joining in group activities can be a fun endeavor especially now that it’s summer. Check your community center, your employer intranet or even on Facebook to see what activities your friends and co-workers are involved in to see how you can participate. And if all else fails, you can start your OWN group to get others involved in a group activity that you can all enjoy!