February 22, 2013 $10,000 Team Challenge Winners!

bakeb4andaftTeam Baker Bombshells was formed by employees of Baker Donelson, but not even the company could predict how great the team’s success would be or how well they would work together.  These five ladies lost 120 pounds—an incredible 24 pounds per person!  Baker Donelson employees lost 379 pounds, amount to an 8.68% lossof their starting body weight (19 lbs per person!), ranking them #1 among participating employers in the Team Challenge.

The determination from the Baker Bombshells to lose the weight was exceptional. Team captain Carol Harshman’s shared her weight loss plan, “I went on a high protein diet. Ate VERY few carbs. I worked out 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening for nearly every day I was in this competition.”  This led Carol towards losing 39 pounds and an incredible 20.63% of her starting weight. She wasn’t alone and all of the team members pitched in, with no one losing less than 11 pounds. HealthyWage is glad to reward the team the $10,000 grand prize for their success!

This challenge helped change teh lives of these ladies—physically AND mentally. Along with higher self-esteem from their transformations, losing the weight gave each a different outlook on living a healthy life. Team member Judy Birchler shared, “One thing the challenge has done for me because we weighed in every week, I have been able to “re-train” my brain to not think of scales as my enemy and self-esteem crusher, but as a tool to getting to a healthy weight and then STAYING there.”

It seems that even though all 5 members had tremendous success they are still not content with the weight they lost. Each of them has vowed to lose more weight using the methods they learned in the 12 weeks of the Team Challenge. HealthyWage is glad to have contributed to their success and is proud to have Team Baker Bombshells as part of a challenge. Team member Sara Podgorski sums up the team’s feelings, “I know I can speak for each of the Baker Bombshells that we truly appreciated the opportunity to improve our health through such a great competition; and I know each of us is walking away with more knowledge and self esteem. Thank you!”