Tips for a Healthy Memorial Day Weekend

While it’s not the official start of summer, most of the country pretty much treats it as such. Memorial Day weekend is a perfect time to start planning your summer months and incorporating good lifestyle choices into your everyday routine before the Fall arrives. Try putting together a 90 day calendar and set benchmarks along the way. It’s a perfect opportunity to get outside more often and you should also try to take advantage of more fruits and vegetables being in season as healthy alternatives to the comfort foods so common in the winter.

Here are a couple of tips for you to make your long weekend healthy but still have fun:

bbqHealthy BBQ. If plan ahead appropriately a BBQ can actually be quite healthy. You don’t have to have beef burgers and hot dogs for it to qualify as a BBQ. There are a number of alternative foods you can enjoy during a picnic or weekend party with friends. In fact, we have a entire blog dedicated to ways you can make grilling and BBQing more healthy—check it out here! And always remember that portion control is your best friend!

Exercise. Summer months bring nicer weather conditions to enjoy outdoor activities. Set some goals and take advantage of the nicer weather to get outside more often. Take long walks more frequently or join an amateur sports league; whatever it takes to get you more active. Even though you may be working it doesn’t mean you can’t take walks with co-workers during lunch or even experiment with “walking” meeting which are becoming more and more common.

healthy-cocktail-recipes-videoAlcohol. People tend to let their hair down and indulge more than usual over long weekends, and Memorial Day weekend is certainly no exception. Alcohol can certainly be a part of that, but keep your diet and caloric intake in mind. Enjoy a red wine spritzer with ice instead of a full glass of wine or a cold light beer instead of the heavier stuff. A few cocktails won’t ruin your diet but be sure to keep hydrated with lots of water, especially when drinking outside.

Do you have healthy plans this summer? Do you have any tips that you use to keep healthy? Share them with us here!