Ways to Keep Healthy in the Office (Part 2 – Nutrition)

Keeping physically active at work is important in fighting a sedentary lifestyle while in the office, but is only one part of the equation; the other part is focusing on what you eat. It becomes so easy to either forget to eat at all or quickly pick up a high calorie lunch at a fast food joint when work becomes really busy. You can do better with some proper planning—here are a few tips and strategies for you to try!

healthy brekafastThe Importance of Breakfast

Eating breakfast before you head to work (or perhaps first thing when you get to work) is important to regulating the amount you eat throughout the day. Many of us get so focused on getting TO work we often forget to eat properly. Eating a healthy breakfast will most likely keep you from snacking a lot during the rest of the work day and keep you from being so hungry at lunch that you throw the diet out the window. Even if you have the healthiest of intentions, the combination of hunger and easy temptations can derail your diet very quickly.

Plan Your Lunch

The key to not having a healthy lunch is actually planning and preparing your lunch. It’s hard to eat healthy when you actually purchase your lunch while hungry. The temptation of choosing something unhealthy is more likely when you are really hungry with a menu full of high calorie options right in front of you. Sunday nights are a great time to actually plan your lunch out so that you can bring in some diversity in what you eat and not run the risk of getting bored with your meals.


This is our junk food drawer.Snacks can be the worst thing or the best thing for you at work. It’s the worst when you substitute meals by filling up on things like chips, soda and cookies. It’s the best when you fill up on items like carrots, nuts and fruits to boost energy and satiate you between meals. The most important rule is out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t have a drawer full of candy or chocolate you are most likely not going to be tempted to eat them. Another trick to avoid snacking all day at work is to fill up on water. Keep hydrated is important for overall health and your diet so you should be doing that regardless of what you eat.

Change Your Corporate Culture

Sometimes this can be very hard, especially at large corporations, but certainly not impossible. Changing your work environment can be as simple as asking for healthier items at your food cafeteria or replacing unhealthy items in the vending machine with healthier ones. While it might be impossible to get rid of all the unhealthy items, at the very least you and your co-workers will have a choice.

Do you have any suggestions or innovative tops that work for you? Let us know what you do at work to stay on track with you diet!

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  1. jansen says:

    Just having breakfast in the morning is good way to live healthy.. Then just have a regular lunch every day like the article says… Really well written… Right to the point….

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