Ways to Keep Healthy in the Office (Part 1 – Activity)

It’s a known fact that many of us who work in an office environment, struggle with keeping fit and eating healthy. It’s difficult to keep active when most of our time is spent in front of a computer in a cubicle answering emails and taking very few breaks. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way and this week we are providing you with a few tips and suggestions on how to fight a sedentary lifestyle while in the office!

Get Up and Move Often

We get so focused on our work that we often forget to move. Don’t let hours go by without taking a quick break. This can be as a simple as taking a 2-3 minute walk around the office but do something. 2-3 minutes every hour doesn’t sound like much but when you times that by 35-40 hours a week, it becomes an extra 1-2 hours a week of walking which can make a difference physically and mentally.

walkingWalking Meetings

If you are someone that has a lot of meetings throughout the day, try mixing it up by taking a walk during your meeting. This of course only works with small groups or 1-3 people, but it’s becoming quite popular with a lot of companies. Make sure you clear it with the person you are meeting with, but you’ll find it refreshing and that it breaks up the monotony of the standard meetings we have all become accustomed to.

Form a Walking Group at Lunch

It’s always more fun to exercise with others and your co-workers can be a great asset at work. Ask around to see who would be interested in walking everyday with you during your lunch hour to get in some daily and regular exercise in addition to your normal routine. Most people find it productive to schedule these with others because serves as a reminder, as well as creates some accountability when others depend of your participation.

Desk Exercises

Desk exercises are a great way to burn extra calories throughout the day and people often don’t realize how easy they are to do. They can be as simple as lifting very light weights while you work or doing 10 burpees every hour. This isn’t something that needs to break you out in a sweat, but something to keep you active at your desk.

treadmill-deskStanding Desks/Treadmill Desks

Standing and/or treadmill desks are starting to become ore common in office environments. This requires the permission and support of your employer but if they allow it you should go ahead and give it a try. Depending on your weight, standing all day can burn anywhere from 250-500 calories more than just sitting all day. That doesn’t take into the fact that when you stand you tend to be more active and move around more, burning more calories. A treadmill desk will obviously burn a LOT more but certainly more difficult to execute.

What do YOU do to keep active at work? Let us know your ideas and suggestions!


  1. ellenresnick says:

    Exercise has to be planned especially when you have a sedentary job. As a psychotherapist I sit all day. I have to walk in my office every 10 minutes between patients and make every possible break a walking break. Wearing my Striiv helps me reach 10,000 steps/day at least 4 days per week. It’s very motivating to see the numbers

  2. karen Holmes says:

    I love the idea of having walking meetings! Great for a brain break and exercise break as well as working information on the go!

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