Where Do I Start? Advice from HealthyWage Participants: Volume 2

startingCongratulations on taking the first step to lose weight and becoming healthier. Last September, we asked our participants if they could give one piece of advice to folks just starting out and we received some amazing suggestion which you can find here:

Where Do I Start? Advice from HealthyWage Participants: Volume 1

We decided to ask the question again and we received even more suggestions that we wanted to share with you again.  Our participants provided us with advice all over the spectrum from the very simple and straight forward to the very quirky and fun.  Let us know if YOU have any to share and provide them in the comments section under this post!

Quirky & Fun

  • Hold your belly button to your backbone hold for as long as you can. Do it every time you think about food. It really works.
  • Go for walks rain or shine at least 45 min every day.
  • Don’t eat after 8 pm.
  • Put frozen seedless red grapes in the freezer when you need a snack go for them , they pop in your mouth making you feel very satisfied
  • Remember what you eat in private you show in public.
  • Eat half of what you normally do.
  • When craving something unhealthy, chew sugar free gum.
  • Patience grasshopper.
  • If you run into having a craving for something you think you just HAVE TO HAVE, try drinking a full glass of COLD water. You might find that it is water your body was craving.
  • Push yourself away from the table before you are full.
  • Count calories with a website like MyFitnessPal and turn up the music and keep moving…you got this!
  • Every time you think “only five pounds” go lift a bag of sugar and see how much it weighs…THAT is what you are no longer lugging around! Remember, thinking, “Oh, it’s only one or two pounds” when you were GAINING it is what got you into trouble. Don’t make the same mistake as you are LOSING it. One or two pounds add up, when you are gaining AND when you are losing!


  • Be persistent. You didn’t gain the weight overnight and you won’t lose it that way.  There will be good days and bad days, but no matter what, focus on a goal and stick with it!
  • Be 100% committed in your mind! The diet and exercise will follow once you’ve got your head where it needs to be.
  • There is no “quick fix” to losing weight. Learn to eat healthy and celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small they seem to others. Attitude is everything!
  • Research, read labels, eat things that you’ve never heard of or thought you would never eat,
  • A little exercise every day, and only comparing yourself with you.
  • There’s a ton of ways to lose weight quick, but those same ways also will likely result in putting it back on quick! Focus on healthy, not weight loss. If you can make that switch in your mind, you are golden.
  • It takes time to lose weight. Just take losing weight day by day.
  • Be honest with yourself, work at your own pace and be realistic.

Blackboard with simple sums in chalkSimple

  • Drink lots of water!
  • Exercise, start moving, short walks lead to long walks.
  • Avoid processed food and drinks.
  • Be consistent!
  • Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Fruits and veggies!
  • Nuts and seeds!
  • One meal at a time.
  • Cook more.
  • Read your labels,
  • Don’t eat empty calories


  • Portion control is key. Don’t go back for seconds.
  • Do not think of it as a diet. A diet is short-term goal. You are going for the long-term goal, which is a lifestyle change. When I changed my thought process, everything changed. You can do it!
  • Take it one step at a time. Just keep taking the next step…even if you trip up, you just need to take one step you get back on track.
  • On Saturday or Sunday, plan what you will have for the week so you have healthy foods on hand. Pack healthy snacks with you no matter where you go so you don’t feel the urge to get something unhealthy while out or at work.
  • strategy1Completely depriving yourself of favorites leads to cravings. Sometimes just a taste can be very satisfying.
  • Weight wasn’t gained over night weight won’t be lost over night if you slip up so what it’s not a diet anyway it’s a healthier way to live
  • Write down what you eat and drink. Tracking it really helps.
  • Shoot for 80% – If you don’t leave yourself a little wiggle room to succumb to a craving, to have a bite of your favorite comfort food, or to have a fun night with friends once a month, you’ll quit before you get started. Take your program seriously and schedule your cheats so that you don’t sabotage yourself…
  • Set small goals. That way, the ultimate goal does not seem so far away
  • Take the time to plan all your meals in advance…it makes all the difference for success.
  • Write down to you put in your mouth
  • 20 minutes on the treadmill will never erase 20 minutes in the buffet. Diet always trumps exercise. To win you must do both!
  • It’s all about making a lifestyle change that eventually becomes a new habit!!
  • Do this the healthy way! You need to eat to loose. Starving yourself or eating very little is such a old school way if thinking. We don’t need to starve to loose we need to eat a healthy good amount of nutritious food
  • Clear your environment. Go through your kitchen cabinets and pantry and get rid of all foods that are not consistent with your diet! Then only buy foods that will help you reach your goals for life.
  • Don’t tell yourself you are on a “diet” or that you “cant” have certain things … Say I am going to eat healthy and I choose not to eat certain things because you want to look good and feel good.
  • Increase your fruit and vegetable intake, and make sure you have lots of variety in your house so you don’t get bored. It’s amazing how quickly the body starts changing when you focus in cleaner eating. Clear your biggest weaknesses from the house.


  • Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon, just get up, brush yourself off, and climb back on.
  • Never give up. No matter how hard it seems, never give up.
  • Believe in yourself and put yourself first. You need to have the belief or a picture of the end result to accomplish your goal and keep you motivated trying to reach it.
  • If you backslide, forgive yourself don’t allow it to be the reason to give up
  • Don’t give up during a plateau. Just keep eating right and exercising and eventually it will show again on that scale!
  • Persevere
  • Do your best and forget the rest. It does not matter how slow you go as long as you keep going!
  • Believe in yourself! You can do it! You are worth it!
  • Forgive your occasional bad choice; you are human.
  • One day at a time. Just keep moving forward doing what works and you will eventually get there!

And finally…

BE PATIENT! It took you a while to get where you are now, it will take a while to get to where you want to be!


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