Using Social Media to Help with Weight Loss: An Introduction

social-media-rubiks-cubeThe world of social media is often times confusing and can be quite overwhelming for most of us. It’s always intimidating using new online technologies, but if used correctly, they can be powerful resources to improve our lives. This is very true with health management and, in particular, with weight loss support. So, where do you start? What are the differences between the technologies and how do you figure out what’s right for you? We’ve got answers! Here is a quick introduction and run down of some of the more popular channels used for weight loss:


Most of us have Facebook accounts and if you don’t, we highly encourage you to get one. It not only will connect you with friends and family, it will allow you to connect to many support groups to help you on your weight loss journey. You not only can connect with others that are facing the same challenges but also connect with those that have solutions and answers to many of those challenges. HealthyWage has its own community of active users that are interested in sharing and engaging on weight loss related topics.

Signing up is easy to do—visit now. Here is also a quick tutorial on YouTube that you can watch that will take you through the basic steps:

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Twitter is probably the most confusing of the “popular” social media channels, but can be one of the most engaging if used strategically. Most people have problems with Twitter because they expect it to be like Facebook and end up getting frustrated that it doesn’t operate the same way. Twitter allows you to “follow” other users and allows other users to “follow” you. When you send a message it’s called a “tweet” and can be read by anyone that is following you and can, in fact, be searched by anyone using Twitter if choose so in your settings. Twitter allows you to engage with others with quotes, photos, articles, advice and have conversations with people across the world. The topic of weight loss is popular on Twitter and you can find interesting tips and suggestions that you might have a hard time finding elsewhere.

To get started go to to sign up with an account and start tweeting away! Here’s a helpful tutorial on YouTube that will answer many of the questions you have:

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Pinterest is a great resource to use for those trying to lose weight. The very nature of posting photos, posters and recipes can be inspirational, educational and most importantly, motivational. The best way to think of Pinterest is like a massive digital cork board of your favorite items. You can create boards of your favorite clothes, phrases, recipes, goals and share them all with your friends. The BEST part for weight loss motivation is viewing the incredible number of “before and after” photos including many from HealthyWage participants.

Here’s a quick tutorial on YouTube to get you started:

After signing up, be sure to follow the HealthyWage boards HERE and start repining your favorite pins!

Once you’ve started with these three social media channels you’ll be more comfortable expanding into other areas—there are a LOT of them! Let us know what your favorite social media resources are and how you use them to maximize your weight loss efforts and better reach your goals!