May 2012 Matchup Winners


First Place Winners: Underground Elders

Underground Elders – Before

As a result of their hard work and dedication, team Underground Elders finished extremely strong in the HealthyWage Matchup contest and came in first place, overall, amongst all participating teams!

Underground Elders lost a total of 204 pounds, an incredible 41 pounds per person!

The success of the group was led by Kevin Macy who lost an astounding 20.7% of his starting body weight!

Teamwork was the central theme that the Underground Elders utilized to achieve such amazing results. According to Kevin,

“Most weeks, we met together as a group at least once a week.  We e-mailed each other almost daily, or sometimes multiple times a day, with encouragement and updates.  We updated each other on how many calories we were eating, what exercise we were doing, and what our weight was.  We were able to encourage each other and give each other advice which helped us lose our desired amount of weight.”

Underground Elders – After

This level of communication afforded the Underground Elders the opportunity to share and discuss their dieting and exercise methods as well as keep track of their progress. Now that the competition has ended, team member Amy Ehlinger remarked that

“I feel like after 12+ weeks of doing this challenge it is not really a “diet” anymore but has become a lifestyle change.   I have so much more energy now.   I love the feeling I have after finishing a run.   I plan on keeping up healthy eating and running regularly.  I also got rid of all my clothes that are too big because I don’t want to be that size again. “

Inspiring these long term lifestyle changes is a major part of our mission here at HealthyWage and we are especially happy when our participants use the competition as a springboard to jumpstart their new, healthier lives. Congratulations and best of luck to team Underground Elders!

Second Place Winners: Don’t Be Jelly

Team Don’t Be Jelly did just as their name suggested and lost an incredible amount of weight. Their hard work allowed them secure a 2nd place finish in this month’s Matchup!

Team Don’t Be Jelly lost a total of 186 pounds or around 37.2 pounds per person!

The success of the group was led by Matthew Hogan, who lost an impressive 17.2% of his starting body weight!

According to the team leader, despite the allure of the cash prize, his main motivation for contest was not wanting to let his teammates down. Matthew remarked that,

“To be honest, I was less motivated by the money than the others, but I did not want the reason that we did not win to be because of me.”

While winning a large cash prize is a wonderful opportunity, it cannot be the sole motivation for participating in this competition. Team member Stu Shaginaw also highlighted the importance of this:

“Money is a huge driving force but letting my teammates down was even bigger.  I knew we all wanted the money and were working hard but I didn’t want to be the one that cost the team in the end.  So money was the ultimate driving force to why we started this in the first place but once I realized that I had a chance letting the team down I became especially driven.“

The most successful of participants are driven by a dedication to wanting to change their lives for the better and honor the promises that they have made to their fellow teammates to work as hard as they can to lose weight healthily and effectively. Team Don’t Be Jelly embodied these ideals and came away with a 2nd place finish. Congratulations to them!

Third Place Winners: Thinner Winners

The Thinner Winners! put up a tremendous effort that allowed them to finish in 3rd place overall in this month’s Matchup!

The Thinner Winners! lost a total of 226 pounds – that’s about 45.2 pounds per person!

The success of the group was led by Jesus Solis who lost an astounding 20.2 % of his starting body weight! Through consistent communication and effort, the team was able to achieve these great results. More so than losing weight and winning money, this experience was treated as a new beginning in the lives of the participants. According to the Jesus, the team’s leading performer, he plans to keep the weight off by continuing to diet and shifting his efforts over to building more muscle. Jesus’s wife, Rebekah also noted how participating in the contest has changed distinct aspects of her life. She remarked that,

“You learn a lot about food when you diet. I will continue to exercise and I will keep dieting until I reach my ultimate goal weight. We have entered more competitions as a team and will work together for a Happier, Healthier Life! “

Being able to inspire people to adopt healthier lifestyles gives us a heightened sense of satisfaction here at HealthyWage! Congratulations to The Thinner Winners!