What Are Your Lifelong Weightloss Obstacles?

If losing weight, and keeping it off, were easy, HealthyWage wouldn’t exist. But as we all know, losing weight is HARD work. And trust me, I speak from experience while I’m right there with you.

There are so many obstacles we face each day on our weight loss journeys that can get us off track. However, understanding our own unique obstacles is half the battle. Retrofitme.com has put together a great quiz that will give you all kinds of insight into your mindset, nutrition and fitness habits. You can use these results to see where you need to focus and what obstacles you’ll need to overcome for long term success.

My results? I’m a People Pleaser, a Nightime Nibbler and a Raincheck Athlete.

I’ll have to work at maintaining my success, but overcoming those obstacles is definitely doable!

Take the quiz and come back here to share your results. I can’t wait to see if anyone faces the same obstacles I do!