Losin’ It With Kate: Week 3 | Preparing For Success


When I was growing up, my dad had a framed famous quote hanging in his office. Maybe you’re familiar with it? It said:

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

For whatever reason, that quote has stuck with me throughout my life and it always seems to pop into my head during times when I most need the reminder. (I’m sure my dad is proud to hear that!) Not surprisingly, those five words have been on my mind a lot throughout my weight loss journey.

There are so many little things I can do to properly prepare myself for success – from the immediate proper preparation for a holiday dinner to the preparation leading up to sustained success once I reach my goals. Opportunities to put that quote into action are a daily occurrence it seems.

I thought that maybe we could encourage each other with some of our tips for proper preparation. I’ll share a few of mine, and I’d love for you to chime in with your own either in the comments section or on the HealthyWage Facebook page.

Immediate Preparation Tips:

  • Each night or early morning, I prepare for the day ahead by mapping out what I will eat that day.
  • I start each day with a big glass of water and then have a full glass on my desk at all times. This helps me stay prepared to easily get in my 8 glasses a day.
  • I workout three mornings a week. I have that time marked off in my calendar so that nothing gets scheduled then and interferrences are less likely to occur. I also set out my exercise clothes the night before each workout day.
  • My husband and I have a date night at home every Friday night. This involves him picking up carry-out food for us from a favorite restaurant, which we enjoy while watching our favorite TV show. So I prepare for my Friday indulgences a little each day. Sometimes that means I skip a snack or eat a smaller portion of dinner. Other times, I’ll work out an exta hour during the week.

Long Term Preparation Tips:

  • Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself thinking about how I can’t wait to reach my goal weight so that I can enjoy a few handfuls of potato chips without guilt. I’ve quickly realized that this type of thinking is just setting myself up for failure. If I revert back to my old ways, all of this hard work will have been in vain and I’m just not willing to except that. So now, I am focused on preparing myself for a lifestyle change that will keep me healthy and in my target weight range for years to come.

Now, how do you properly prepare to prevent poor weight loss performance?



  1. Cathy says:

    These are great tips. I not only plan my meals the day before, but I make sure to prepare and pack my lunch and snacks the night before, and fill up my water jug so I am not rushing out the door in the morning needing to grab lunch on the go at work–this makes it easier to stick with my healthier food choices.

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