Bringing Temptation to Its Knees

No matter what season it is, the hardest part about losing weight can be those darn temptations!!  Can’t get that cookie in the kitchen off your mind?  Try these techniques for bringing temptation to its knees!

  • Meditation. Yes, we’re serious!  Spend just a few minutes a day meditating.  You can use meditations found online or in a book—do a quick Google search.  They can be meditations focused on just about anything, though it might be best to focus on and learn to accept your cravings!  People who meditate are much more likely to succeed at conquering their temptations.
  • Take a quick walk.
    You can give your brain the chocolate satisfaction without the chocolate using exercise.  Don’t knock it until you try it!
  • Hit mute during the commercials. People eat more after watching lots of food ads on TV.
  • Eat something!!  Carrots are a dieters best friend.  When you need to put something in your mouth and do some crunching, eat some carrots!  Carrots are nutritious and very low in calories.
  • Give in a little bit. Some cravings just get stronger and stronger, and the best way to destroy them is to enjoy a little taste.  Be careful.  Identify your serving size before you put any in your mouth, and take every precaution.  For example, if it’s ice cream, put a small scoop in a dish.  Put the ice cream back in the freezer.  Pour a glass of cold water.  Take the water and ice cream into another room.  Eat the ice cream slowly, savoring every drop.  Drink the water.  Do not return to the kitchen.  Use a similar procedure for cookies, etc.

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Best wishes!

Marty, the HealthyWage Coach