Don’t Undo the Good Work When You’re on Vacation!

Go for long walks on the beach. Go exploring! You’ll see interesting things.

Sitting by the pool, feeling restless, wanting the ice cream
bar that that lady over there is eating? Or how about that tall sugary drink that has 650 calories? Are you ordering dessert AT EVERY MEAL because you’re hundreds of miles away from home and nobody you know will see you?

Heck, you’ve earned it. You’ve worked all year, and now it’s time to reward yourself!

O boy! It’s really easy to fall off your healthy plan when you’re away on vacation, right?

Whatever you do, don’t let everything go and pig out when you go away!

You CAN have a great time, enjoy yourself, and not destroy the great routine you have worked so hard for!


1)  Set a definite time when you can enjoy a dessert. NOT AT EVERY MEAL! Yes, you can have that great slice of lemon pie (psst! —with ice cream!) when you go to that nice restaurant by the bay. Have that banana split that everyone’s talking about at the amusement park. But just one!

2)  Watch out when you’re relaxing by the pool and start feeling a bit bored. This is when the urge to eat hits me. Resist the urge to go to the snack bar and get a fattening milk shake or a big basket of French fries! Have something healthy with you, like a health bar, tasty fruit, yogurt, or some carrots or nuts. A big cup of crushed ice helps me get past the urge to eat something sweet. Try it—it works!

3)  Eat a healthy breakfast before going out for the day—especially if you’re going where vendors are tempting you with fattening treats, such as French fries, fried cheese sticks or chocolate-covered anything!!

4)  Get active! Go for mountain hikes. Swim in the lake. Go for long walks on the beach. Get your friends and family to go with you. Go exploring. Get up! Get going. Don’t use the car—WALK! You’ll see interesting things and you’ll feel great after a long exercise.

Make a deal with yourself to have a fun, HEALTHY vacation!




Jon is a contributor and editor of the HealthyWage Blog.  He’s the former entertainment editor at Parade Magazine. He loves getting outdoors, running, hiking and staying fit. He loves water-skiing, sky-diving and hound dogs.