Great Tips for Late-Night Snackers

If you need something to crunch on, why not have delicious carrots handy?

Some of my bad eating habits used to happen like clockwork…

My big vice: late night snacking!

Curbing the snacking was one of the hardest challenges that I faced when I decided to lose weight. If you have the same problem, you’re not alone.

A common refrain is: I don’t know what it is about that time of day, but I find myself snacking on both salty and sweet foods. Sometimes I eat too much, but it doesn’t matter how much I eat: I know I won’t lose weight if I am eating all those extra calories!

The key is recognizing that you’re probably looking for extra comfort.

I’ve done some research, and…

Here are some great tips:

(give a couple of them a try and let me know how they work!)

Brush your teeth. I know I know, you’ve heard this one before…You trick
your taste buds with a game-changing play. It’s old school, but it works! Give it a try!

Use whitening strips. I read about this as an addition to the tooth-brushing strategy. With a whitening strip, you literally can’t indulge your cravings, plus your mouth is happy because something’s in it!  As an added bonus, you get whiter teeth!

Keep raw food on hand. Raw veggies may be boring at other times of the day, but I find them really helpful for late night snacking. If you know you need something to crunch on, why not have delicious carrots handy—at least you give yourself a fighting chance!

Make a pampering list. Pampering yourself in other ways can give you the
same satisfaction as eating…What else can you do to substitute for the soothing feelings you get from eating late at night?  Play a video game?  Paint your nails?  Surf the Internet?  Take a bath?  Can you think of some things you can do that won’t interrupt your favorite activities too much (these tend to be key snacking times)?

Indulge in a beauty mask. This one is fun, plus you can’t eat if you have one on…and you’ll have a shining face!!!

C’mon team! Let’s get healthy!

See you next week!

—Marty, the HealthyWage coach