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Exclusive Video: Shrink and Boo!!! Don’t Be Scared—Do the Math™

Originally posted on HealthyWage Blog:
Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season, and candy is everywhere we turn. “You better watch out” is a favorite Christmas lyric line you may want to apply beginning this week in order to keep your focus on healthy living. In this video, psychologist Pat Arean and I talk…

Success Story: Deborah R

Deborah R. From  Berkeley, CA Lost 78.4 Pounds In a 7 Month HealthyWager Won $1,333 Deborah first heard about HealthyWage in 2012, and the fact that people were being paid to lose weight caught her eye. She had been overweight since childhood. Deborah had been considered morbidly obese for at least 10 years when she … Continue reading

Success Story: Kim S

Kim S From St. Augustine, FL Lost 54 Pounds In the 10 Month HealthyWager Won $10,000! Imagine $10,000 for losing weight. Kim doesn’t need to imagine it because this is her reality after her son convinced her to sign up for HealthyWage. Since she had reached her highest weight ever and was had recently got … Continue reading

October 3rd Winner Announcement

Today, we are announcing the top teams in the June 2014 Team Challenge.  We awarded a total of $18,000 in grand prizes to these three teams. HealthyWage would like to highlight some of the members of these teams in today’s winner announcement. Gayle Wittenberg of the first place team, Hunger Games, tells us in her own … Continue reading

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